Ando Effects Customisable Muff


So you want a custom Muff pedal?
The ando effects muff is based on the classic
 muff and heavier variant’s circuit, with modifications to its tone control,
allowing for more range between bass and treble frequencies
and arguably improved overall distortion.



usually a 2 week build time, dependent on model requested.





 pretty much any version of the muff can be built for you! go to the contact page and send a
message detailing what you’d like before you order and we will get back to
you with what we can do and a timescale (usually a 2 week build time).


all versions are the same price!



Like almost all Ando Effects pedals, it’s part of a long line of individual builds, ranging from vintage effects to new ideas. Each pedal is hand built when ordered and can vary slightly electronically, along with changes in the pedals colour and graphics from build to build, making each one unique and setting them apart from batch produced pedals (in some cases personal alterations can be made for each customer, contact us for more information).

Every pedal is covered by a years warranty for the first owner that covers electrical component failure and manufacturing defects (as rare as this is) and even after the warranty and for second/third/fourth hand owners Ando Effects will happily repair any pedal for a nominal fee. All pedals are built with industry standard circuit boards and high quality materials.


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