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All Together Now….

Chorus PedalIn short, a chorus pedal is what you get when a delay pedal and a reverb pedal get together and, well, make a freaky child that actually works pretty well.


Bands like The Cure spring to mind when thinking about chorus pedals but they are in fact used widely throughout music genres,usually in a more subtle way. Ando Effects currently builds a chorus using the classic PT2399 echo chip, with some strange modifications added to allow you to make the chorus sound,well, trippy and weird,if that’s what you are into (use of modifications is optional).

rather than explain more and bore you to death, below is a couple of examples of what the Ando Effects version can do.

Don’t Forget Your Head

  “Just bring your heads and breakables”…….   This post is a different one, it is not focused around pedal building, it is focused around the differences in the sound you get in a rehearsal room and the sound you get at a live venue, and is aimed at bands who are (relatively) new to… Continue Reading

The Centaur Of Attention.

  It needs no introduction, if you haven’t heard of the Centaur pedal then just stick that phrase into Google and all will be revealed Essentially a high end overdrive with a somewhat unique take on how frequencies should be handled and driven, this is one of the most copied guitar pedals there is and… Continue Reading

Analog Tremolo Build.

Analog Tremolo Build.

      The analog tremolo is a vintage style tremolo pedal, based on a famous german circuit favoured by a number of pedal manufacturers for it’s smooth sound.  this version has a few minor improvements/ alterations that have appeared in the pedal building community.         it features a depth control, allowing… Continue Reading

Online Shop Now open

Online Shop Now open

                 custom guitar pedals.            hand built clones.            professional components.            all products guaranteed.            Small, friendly and in the uk.           Continue Reading