The Centaur Of Attention.

Centaur clone guitar pedal
Centaur clone with alternative clipping switch


It needs no introduction, if you haven’t heard of the Centaur pedal then just stick that phrase into Google and all will be revealed

Essentially a high end overdrive with a somewhat unique take on how frequencies should be handled and driven, this is one of the most copied guitar pedals there is and legend has it is built from magic smoke, unicorn tears and pure MOJO!

The reality is that it’s made from the same components that other pedals are made from, just put together in a brilliant way, long story short, this circuit is fantastic and definitely worthy of respect, if not the ridiculous hype around it. The Ando Effects version (a one-off build) features alternative op-amps, more bass response and a switch that allows the user to toggle between the classic Germanium diodes and LEDs…. basically two varieties of distortion, as opposed to the original one.


Now owned by a very discerning and polite customer (come back anytime)!


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