Stones, Stoners and what’s to gain.

Stones, Stoners and what’s to gain.




SFT Overdive Pedal Front View                                                     The SFT overdrive Clone With Stones and Stoner Switch

A one off build of a well regarded overdrive, famous for emulating old school bass amps, this was an enlightening experience.

Complete with an internal charge pump, which takes your 9v input and doubles it for more headroom and overall gain,

excellent tone controls and a sound that varied between qotsa and the rolling stones this was a great pedal to build……. especially if you like desert rock.


unfortunately everything doesn’t always go to plan, ando effects builds a number of clones/ modified versions of classics all with intention of building up a body of work which will create superior and original circuits in the future. this means using schematics from various sources, some of which need

‘ tweaking’…

in this case the overdrive had a gain potentiometer which was stated in the on-line schematic as being linear but really need to be reverse audio taper (basically, it’s resistance changes more in the first part of the turn than the latter).

Ando Effects Clone Overdrive

geek speak aside, the pot was swapped and now the overdrive’s gain can be set more precisely rather than going from very little gain for most of the turn then full on drive for the very last few degrees!


it’s being put on ebay for an auction at a nice low price.after all,as  it was always going to be a one off as the originals are still being produced by a very good original pedal company.

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