Analog Tremolo Build.

Analog Tremolo Build.



a picture of the Ando Effects Analog Tremolo
The analog tremolo


The analog tremolo is a vintage style tremolo pedal, based on a famous german circuit favoured by a number of pedal manufacturers for it’s smooth sound. ┬áthis version has a few minor improvements/ alterations that have appeared in the pedal building community.





  • it features a depth control, allowing you to dial in how much tremolo you want in your signal.
  • a speed switch to go between fast and slow modes and a speed potentiometer┬áto fine tune that rate of temolo.
  • it’s true bypass and has polarity protection.
  • It’s best suited to players who want a vintage style sound to their tremolo, particularly those who like a bit of a country feel to things, although it can get pretty choppy if you want it to.
  • There’s a small volume drop compared to the bypassed signal.
  • no fancy decorations, excellent for live and recording work, solidly built in the uk by hand.
  • it’s up on ebay at the time of writing this, and it’s up for offers as the case is slightly scratched………..
    a picture of the analog tremolo from ando effects


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